This article describes the process of adding multiple users to have login access and how to set up restrictions on the customer portal. The administrator tab will allow you to add users and assign restrictions or accessibility based on their requirements such as assigning a user with access to PBX and reports tab alone. The user's activity will be stored in the show history tab.

Configuring access to a user: 

  • Login to your customer portal and select the Administrators tab, and click on Add button.  (Please note all login email address(s) must be unique).


  • A detail box will appear on the right side of the screen in which you need to fill the details of the new user.


  • By ticking the boxes in the access rights section you can set access restrictions to the user. For example, in a business environment, we can set up login access for the IT department by restricting their access to only necessary tabs such as the PBX tab and Reports tab. Next, click on the Save button.



  • Click on the newly created user and then click on reset password, this will send a password link to the respective email ID provided, where they can set up a password and login to the customer portal. 



Manage - This option will allow you to log in to the customer portal from the user's perspective. 
Show history - This option will allow you to check any changes that were made by a particular user.

Removing access for a user:
If a user is no longer working, they can be removed by changing the status to deleted 


Should you require any additional help, please do not hesitate in contacting our support team.