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Customer reviews

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“Their knowledge desk is superb! They are truly helpful in whatever concern and issues that we are facing. I will definitely recommend using their services, they can make impossible to possible in all aspects!”
Slava Jeffersoens Slava Jeffersoens - 17 Oct 2019 -
“Having had a really bad experience Telstra's support, I took a look of VOIPLINE. I set up the free trial service late this evening, I used the chat support service which was really great and the service was up and running in minutes. Additional I notice they support G722 (AKA HD Voice). So far I'm very impressed, excellent service, but I would like it if they published their international call rates on the web site.”
“Voipline came to my office twice to help me, and they did it quickly. The equipment was installed and ready to go. There were a couple of small operational problems that I reported and they were fixed immediately. All in all their service was excellent.”
Michael Grunbaum Michael Grunbaum - 22 Aug 2019 -
“they are a great company and respond to our enquiries promptly. First month with them but very happy”
Glenn Wells Glenn Wells - 07 Aug 2019 -
“Good reliable VoIP services with excellent customer service. Intuitive UI and lots of training videos make getting onboarding a breeze.”
Levi Frost Levi Frost - 24 Sep 2019 -

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