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VoIPLine Telecom Support

Customer support is our top priority

VoIPLine Telecom support is provided by the people who designed and built the system.

A quick search will help you find the answers to most questions.
If you are unable to find a solution, please send a request to

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Remote Support

Please give us a call first
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Remote support can be provided free of charge during business hours for issues related to equipment sold by VoIPLine Telecom, or for general usage questions.
Additional fees may apply for assistance with configuration of third party systems at our standard hourly rate.
Business Hours Support

For non-urgent issues or orders, please email us. If you have an urgent issue, please give us a phone call so that we can give it a higher priority.

Emergency / Faults

If an emergency outage occurs outside of business hours, please call our main support number and leave a message.
A responsible technician will be notified by SMS and will return your call as soon as possible.

For non-urgent support please email and we will address your request on the following business day.