The most common type of DSS (direct station select) is the BLF (busy lamp field) feature. This will display the status of other users SIP devices (busy, ringing, available) that are connected to your PBX portal, also allowing the ability to pick up calls of monitored SIP devices.  

In order to add BLF's to your handset, locate the IP address of your Yealink, by pressing the OK button and finding the IPv4 address. Enter this into your web browser and enter in the username and password of your handset. If the handset was ordered via VoIPcloud then the login credentials would have been emailed during the order process.

Select the DSS Key tab at the top of the Yealink web portal. 

Change the type, drop down menu to BLF, and enter the users internal number into the value field along with the name of the user into the label field. Select line 1 from the line drop down menu and enter in a double asterisk, **, into the extension field. 

Repeat the process to add further BLF keys to additional line keys, and if you would like to configure different types of DSS keys, please use the same process and refer to the Yealink user manual.