This is a guide to make sure that you convert your media message to the correct playable format for the PBX platform. Please note if you do not have the correct format your media files may not be played as expected. 

1 - The fist stage is to download audacity which is an open source freeware program that allows you to edit media files. Click on the link and download the latest version. 

2 - Once the file has been successfully downloaded run the software and install audacity with all the standard settings. This is a very simple process just proceed clicking next and leave all the default settings as is. 

3- Once you have successfully installed Audacity, launch the application, select the 'Edit' tab and then 'Preferences'. Navigate to the 'Libraries' tab on the left hand side and you will see the MP3 and FFmpeg libraries options as shown below. 



4- Click on the download button for both the MP3 and FFmpeg libraries and follow the instructions from the relevant websites that you are sent to. Alternatively click the link and download the LAME and FFmpeg files as shown in the image below. Make sure that you run both the .exe files once they are downloaded. 


5- The next process is to click on the Locate button on the MP3 library and press OK as shown below. 


6- Now that you have Audacity installed and configured to edit most of the common audio format you will need to open your media file that you want to convert to the correct playable format. 

7- Click file and then open, select your media file and you will see it appear on the screen. On the left hand side of the file click the drop down button as shown below.


8- Make sure that your file is in the Mono format if this is not click the option that says 'Split Stereo to Mono' and remove the bottom audio track by clicking the cross in the corner as shown in the image below. 


9- Now that you have a single track Mono file the final process is to convert the file to 16-bit. Click on the drop down button again and change the format from 32-bit to 16-bit as shown below. 


10- Next we need to change the project rate to 8000, click on the drop down list in the bottom left hand corner and change this to 8000Hz. 


11- Finally click on the file tab in the top right hand corner and then export audio. Make sure that the audio format is 16-bit PCM .wav, give the file a name and that is it. 


12- Lastly to check that you have converted the file correctly right click on your media file and select details. Scroll down and you will see the Bit rate is 128kbps if not repeat the steps above
until you have the file with a Bit rate of 128kbps.