A Dial Plan is essentially a list of rules that a call must abide by in order to successfully be sent out from the network and connect to the destination number. It consists of 3 parts, a Prefix, an Append, and a Pattern.

In order to alter this to restrict dialling to certain locations, or allow dialing to certain locations not in your current dial plan please review the following steps:

You will then need to navigate to the PBX tab at the top of your portal. 


Once here you will need to go to Settings > Dial Plans, as shown below:



Now you are ready to configure or alter your current dial plan, first we will disable the call plan from being able to process calls to international destinations.

The below image highlights your default dial plan area and country code. An an area code that will be applied automatically by the dial plan when calling numbers in the same country or local area as configured in this section of the dial plan.


To restrict calling to overseas numbers, remove the respected international dialling prefix from your dial plan, in this example it is "0011Z." from the pattern field, as well as removing "X." and then save.

Removing the 0011Z. disables the ability to dial numbers outside Australia on this call plan, and removing X. removes the ability to dial any number you want even if you know the full area code etc. Combined, removing both at once forces all calls to only be sent to the network if you are dialling a number within Australia.

Below is a screenshot of what your dial plan will look like if configured to limit calling to within Australia only.


If you would like to restrict all overseas calling but allow one country to still remain, then you will need to still remove the 0011Z. as per above, as well as the X. but you will need to now add another rule that will allow callers to the specific country of your choosing.

In this example we will use America. As calls to America use area code +1 then you will need to add the following to allow calls to America. Keeping in mind if you have '+' in the end pattern field, you won't need to add 0011 to the prepend field. Choose one of the following methods of entering:


Finally don't forget to Save and Apply Configuration when editing any objects or settings in your PBX tab to ensure that your changes are implemented prior to testing.