Integrating Teams with voice services, also known as PSTN calling, from VoIPcloud Wholesale requires licensing from Microsoft for Office 365, as well as licensing from VoIPcloud Wholesale.

From inside the Office 365 portal, the main requirement is the Phone System Add-on. This is an add-on license which is NOT included with regular Office 365 license subscriptions, such as business essentials or Office 365 E1 and E3. The Phone System Add-on license can only be bolted on to an enterprise license, such as the Office 365 E1 and Office 365 E3. Office 365 E5 comes with the Phone System Add-on license included. 


Microsoft Office 365 calling plans are not compatible with the integrated direct routing service, through VoIPcloud. Should you have a calling plan assigned to an Office 365 user, you will need to remove the calling plan, in order for the Microsoft Teams integration to be functional.

The Audio conferencing add-on license may also be required. You can set up Microsoft Teams meetings without this license, but advertised meetings can then only be joined using the Microsoft Teams client (desktop, mobile or web client). Meetings set up with this license can be dialed externally from a landline or mobile phone. You will automatically be given a local geographic telephone number with a PIN to join when you create a new meeting request.  

From inside the VoIPcloud customer portal, there are three components to Microsoft Teams integration, which are as follows;

A User license per Microsoft Teams account (SIP Device license NOT required, but can be utilised if a hybrid endpoint mode is required)

A Phone number for each Microsoft Teams user (Numbers assigned to Microsoft Teams users will NOT be available for inbound call flow configuration, calls will automatically be routed to the Microsoft Teams user they are assigned to)

A Microsoft Teams Integration User License per Microsoft Teams user you would like the ability to make and receive calls through the VoIPcloud network. Pricing for all Microsoft Teams integration licenses is displayed in the order services tab of the VoIPcloud customer portal. 

Alternatively, if you only want to integrate Teams with VoIPcloud for call termination without the PBX feature integration, rather than a User license per Microsoft Teams account, you will require a SIP trunk with SIP trunk channels. Microsoft Teams Integration User License and Phone numbers are still required if selecting this form of integration. 

Should you be unsure of the licenses you have assigned to your Office 365 users, or the pricing involved with Office 365 Microsoft Teams integration, feel free to contact our support department, via phone, email or online chat.