This article explains how to install and configure Grandstream Wave softphone as a SIP endpoint for use with our PBX services.

Firstly you will need to download Grandstream Wave from the Google Play Store. Search for 'GS Wave' in the store, and you should see the following:




Proceed to install . Once installed, you will then need to configure the application in order to make and receive calls.

Upon completing the installation, you should see the following screen when launching Grandstream Wave. Click on Settings as highlighted on screen shot below.



From next screen click on + sign as shown on picture below.




By selecting + button GS wave application will take you to next screen where you would be able to add new sip account. Please select SIP Account. As shown on picture below.




Before we can configure Grandstream Wave, you will need to log in to your customer portal, then navigate to 'SIP Devices' located in the lower left corner of the PBX tab interface. You should have the following details open for the SIP Device you wish to configure:


Grandstream Wave requires these details to be entered in a particular format in order for it to work correctly.

You will need to enter the details to match the format in the following image.




Once you enter these details, click on tick button shown on above mentioned picture to continue. Before doing this, ensure that all details are correct by double checking everything, and making sure to check each character in the password as it is entered.

Once click or tap on tick button account will be registered (if details are correct).

Next screen should be like this below, Green light indicates GS Wave is successfully registered and ready to be used, while red button indicates configuration mismatch.




To dial and begin making calls, click on the key pad shortcut located in the bottom middle of your screen. Icon shown below highlighted:




Make sure before you close your PBX tab, that you Apply Configuration for all changes made, else you may have some features or extensions not working as intended.





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