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1.9.30 Update

  • New PBX object - queue priority. With this object it is possible to allocate calls in the queue according to importance. For example, you have a voice menu and various options - all of which can eventually lead to the same queue. However, certain options can be routed through the queue priority object, and if the queue receives many simultaneous calls, the calls with higher priority will be higher in the queue. Previously all calls had the same priority and very important calls might have been waiting very long to be answered or missed at all, with queue priority this can be remedied.


  • There is a new global blocklist for specific numbers and anonymous incoming calls that works for the whole PBX level, not just for specific call flow scenarios. It can be found in: PBX > Settings > Global blocklist. The blocklist PBX object continues to work and can be used for specific call flow scenarios.


  • In the user portal and webphone, phone numbers are now automatically displayed with the correct styling. For example, instead of 61480094159 the number will be displayed as 61 480 094 159 for better readability.


  • A 3-way audio conference is now available in webphone. If you have 2 active calls, you can merge them into one call. It is also possible to split the conference back into 2 independent calls.


  • Queue object. You can now upload a custom media file for the call confirm for diversion to an external number. When an external number receives a call from a queue, thanks to the custom media, it can be understood that the call came from a specific queue and not from anywhere else.


  • Time conditions object. You can now add a year as a condition.


  • Now when you add an external number to a PBX object, where available, if this number is saved in the phonebook, the name will be displayed in addition to the number.


  • Related objects now also include object type names, not just their icon. Related objects are available in the user object settings as well as in the device details.


  • If your account type is prepaid and you have a credit limit: you can now set negative values in the automatic payments settings. For example, if your credit limit is -500 credits — you can set your balance threshold to -400 credits and auto top-up to 100 credits. Previously, only positive values were allowed. Billing tab > Payments section > Select a payment method > Automatic payments.


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