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2.0.0 Update

  • Introducing CRM integration! Now you can connect CRMs such as HubSpot, Zendesk or Zoho to the User portal and receive information from the CRM about contacts or during calls. More information about each CRM can be found at: Integrations tab > CRMs. Note: CRMs require an 'Integrations' license.

  • The PDF reports for queue and ring group statistics have been completely redesigned. You can check out the new report at: Reports tab > Queue / Ring group statistics > Save report. Note that the report is adapted to the selected filters.

  • Added 'Call rate search' to the 'Order services' tab. Search for call rates by prefix and desired call plan, and download all rates for a particular call plan.

  • Reports tab > Call history / User statistics - added 'Email report'. Previously CSV reports of these pages were downloaded directly in the browser and if you had a very large number of calls this process could take a very long time and sometimes cause the browser to freeze. We now generate these reports on our servers and email them to you.


  • Order services tab > Number porting. Added ability to upload multiple files in one message, previously it was only possible to upload a single file in one message.


  • Added a warning for SIP devices if TLS/SRTP is enabled for the account. PBX tab > Devices > SIP device details.


  • User portal (Webphone) > Queue membership — the number of active calls will now be displayed for each queue. Also, even if you are offline in a queue, it will be possible to take a call from there via a dedicated button.


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