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2.1.3 Update

  • In all PBX objects where it is possible to add an audio file, there is now an option to record a voice not only through the call, but also directly in the browser. 

Screenshot 2023-11-17 145839.png

  • ‘Reports’ tab > Call history:
    • Added 2 new columns: 'Caller contact' and 'Dialed contact' —  if the number matches one of the contacts in the phonebook (configured in PBX), the contact name will be displayed.
    • This information is also exported to a CSV report.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 150124.png

  • Daily reporting changes:
    • 'User statistics' report is now no longer split into two parts, but combined into one email that will send the PDF and CSV report at once.
    • For 'Queue statistics' and 'Ring group statistics' we now also attach CSV reports with details about each call, not only a generic PDF.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 150249.png


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